About “STOP the Crush!”

The life of all animals is in our human hands.

We are a growing team of animal lovers and animal rights activists fighting to end cruelty toward animals who die for the purposes of visual entertainment of ill-minded individuals. Many of us fight for many other causes to protect all species, this one is particularly disturbing…

If you haven’t heard . . .

“Crush Videos” are a gruesome online network of video makers who tape small animals like kittens and puppies, bunnies and birds, lizards and water creatures getting tortured and crushed to death. They then download it onto public sites, servers, social and video networks such as youtube and myspace – for general and membership view.

And get this – it’s protected by law all over the world.

By “Freedom of Speech” and governments’ ignorance.

The sickness of inhumane treatment is becoming epidemic. Let's STOP THE INSANITY!

Please help put an end to this horror and injustice. Join us to FIGHT FOR LEGAL ANIMAL LIBERATION!

We are fighting to have this brutality banned off the internet forever.

Please join us in our fight.

Our website is http://www.STOPtheCrush.org and it will be up and running shortly, please check back.

You can also find our group on myspace:

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